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Growth hormone is one of the most powerful anabolic hormones: it promotes the growth of muscle, strengthens bones, is involved in the burning of body fat (most strongly in the waist area). Somatropin has a lasting effect. This means that the result achieved during the cycle, immediately after taking the drug will not be lost. It persists for a long time. Growth hormone is able to simultaneously solve several problems facing the athlete: Helps to get rid of body fat, strengthens joints and ligaments, helps build lean muscle mass. The positive effects can be safely attributed the restoration of atrophied or damaged internal organs, disease prevention and overall strengthening of immunity. Some effects have unique properties, nor in any other active drugs are not shown, for example, the restoration of cartilage tissue. Details

The mechanism of the growth hormone somatropin:

  • Shift metabolism to use fat as an energy source.
  • Total renewal of cartilage (in order hyperplasia), synovial fluid, runningaway collagen.
  • Strengthening in the process of bone deposition of calcium ions (because of complex hormonal transformations).
  • Hyperplasia (the formation of new muscle filaments, fibrils and an increase in the synthesis of its own proteins, as well as an increase in the number of fibers, cell nuclei).
  • Activation of satellite cells of muscle fibers (miosatellitotsitov), ​​their rapid division to hit the nuclei in muscle fibers.

Exogenous growth hormones is completely harmless. Somatropin is produced by the body, so is his natural substance. All adverse effects are the result of prolonged (more recommended), use of the substance in excessive dosages. Thus, if you want to buy growth hormone in our shop and get acceptance for its detailed free consultation, please contact listed on the site. Read more

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Growth Hormone – Somatropin for sale: the pharmacological action

Somatropin for sale

Growth Hormone –  Somatropin: the pharmacological action

Growth hormone (somatropin, growth hormone, growth hormone HGH) – a drug growth hormone identical to human growth hormone. It is obtained by synthesis using recombinant technology.

Other commercial name somatotropin: Kigtropin, Neotropin, Dynatrop, Ansomon, Jintropin etc.. Details

Somatotropin body fills amount of endogenous human growth hormone.

It is a powerful stimulator:

It promotes the growth and differentiation of osteoblasts and chondrocyte epifiznogo.

The increase in cell growth of cartilage, the cushioning material.

The expansion of the pineal gland.

Other actions of growth hormone:

  • It accelerates the body’s reactions during the synthesis of protein.
  • Regulate the content of Rh-negative nitrogen arising after surgery or injury.
  • Corrects hypoproteinemia that occurs in cirrhosis or infection.
  • It stimulates the synthesis of macrophage, lymphocyte immune globulin and the growth of lymphoid formations.
  • It increases the body’s resistance to infection.
  • It stimulates the growth of fibroblasts, kollagenotsita macrophages at sites affected burn or after surgery, promotes rapid healing of wounds.
  • It accelerates the synthesis cardiocytes.
  • It improves the contractile function of the heart muscle, helps reduce its dependence on medical oxygen saturation.
  • It regulates the process of fat metabolism.
  • Suppresses serum cholesterol levels.
  • It reduces a density protein.
  • Regulates and normalizes the amount of growth hormone.
  • Improves osteometabolizma, kidney function and the heart (in adults).

Implementation of most of the effects of growth hormone and actions carried out by the IGF-I (IGF-I). Developing it runs every cell of the body, its largest supplier in the body are the liver cells. IGF-I to 90% or more is connected with proteins (IRFSB) weighty role among them is assigned IRFSB protein-3.

Growth hormone enhances all the processes occurring in the restructuring of the bone tissue, increasing the activity of biochemical markers of bone present in the plasma.

Somatropin online: results, side effects and courses

somatropin online

Somatropin – drug growth hormone. This pharmacological drug is released from the network of pharmacies by prescription only.

Somatropin: reviews and description

Instructions to somatropin suggests that the hormonal drug stimulates the process of skeletal and somatic growth, while providing a pronounced effect on the metabolic processes occurring. This hormonal drug can effectively make up for lack of endogenous growth hormone, promotes the normalization of the structural body composition by increasing sheathe muscle mass and reducing fat tissue. Most of somatropin rendered effects realized through the insulin-like growth factors of the first type, produced by all cells. More info

The product is characterized by the ability to cause Somatropin gain adjustment processes of bone tissue, which manifests itself in a persistent increase in the indicators of bone markers. Adults who take this remedy, in the first months of treatment had greater resorption process of bone structure, was observed to decrease its weight, but in the case of continuation of a course of therapy of bone mass increases with firmness.

INDICATIONS Reception somatropin

The use of somatropin shown with symptoms of growth retardation in children because of the existing deficiency (deficiency phenomena), growth hormones, with growth retardation in girls when available gonadal sex glands, the syndrome of Turner, with growth retardation in prepubertal due to a chronic form of kidney failure .

Adult use of pharmacological agents Somatropin is shown as a means of substitution therapy with clinically proven form of acquired and congenital deficiency of growth hormone. The product Somatropin is also used in growth hormone deficiency, as well as pathologies of the hypothalamic-pituitary system. More details


The use of growth hormone is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity, symptoms actively flowing malignancy syndrome, Prader-Willi, when urgent conditions, during lactation, and with proliferative diabetic preproliferative form of retinopathy during pregnancy.

Somatropin use caution with concomitant intracranial hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism.

SIDE EFFECTS somatropin

Application Somatropin agents can cause intracranial hypertension, transient paresthesias, joint pain, fluid retention in the body, cutaneous rash, muscle pain, the development of peripheral edema, production of antibodies to somatropin, allergic reactions, itching sensation, redness, soreness, numbness, swelling injection area.


Somatropin treatment should always carry out a medical professional with special expertise for growth hormone deficiency and treatment of this type of pathology.

Reviews of somatropin suggest that the simultaneous application of corticosteroids can suppress the growth process and to reduce the influence exerted by this drug.